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Request for Material Quote


To better serve our customers needs for bids on our products and services; we have developed a “Request for Material Quote” internet/email form.   We have been fortunate and inundated by the number of contractors across the nation requesting either material “Drop Ship” quotes (areas outside of our installation zones) and or “Installed” pricing (SW Florida, Tampa, Orlando) for our products. For this we would like to extend our appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity to do business with everyone that is requesting bids for their projects.   Under the website page heading Products you will find our “Request for Material Quote”. Fill in the yellow highlighted fields and e-mail back to Please include delivery address of where material is to be sent including zip code.   Once we have converted your measurements to sticks, we will get a freight forwarding number and e-mail the quote back to you. Terms and conditions are on the bottom of the form. Under our website page Products you will also find complete Product Features, Installation and Care and Use.

NOTE: Most material quotes will be turned around in 24 to 48 hrs for standard colors. Special color requests may take a little longer.



Siltech® Manufacturing, Inc. is constantly updating and revising our corporate website. The website map has been revised to be more user friendly and we have added a number of drop down menus for easier retrieval of information. Most noticeably is the availability to download our Request for Material Quote.

Clik Here to download Request For Material Quote


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