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Request for Material Quote Instructions


Fill in the yellow highlighted fields and e-mail back to Please include delivery address of where material is to be sent including zip code. Once we have converted your measurements to sticks, We will get a freight forwarding number and e-mail the quote back to you. Terms and conditions are on the bottom of the form. Please visit our website at for complete Product Features and Specifications including Installation and Care and Use.


Basic standards for our windowsills are the following; these items should be part of your consideration when determining window sill depths you will need.


Actual sizes are 1/8” shorter in depth than Call Size including custom depth sills unless otherwise specified for actual full depth.


½” Profiles – sill depth is taken from inside face of window frame to face of drywall plus 3/4” for overhang/reveal for overall depth


1” Profiles – sill depth is taken from inside face of window frame to face of drywall (backset) plus 1-1/8” for overhang/reveal for overall depth.


All 1” Profiles have a standard 1”H x 1-1/8”D front edge overhang


Tabs Tab sizes must be added to each end of the opening measurement for overall width. e.g. 1-1/2” tabs would add 3” to the overall width.


Tabs – are extensions beyond the opening sides usually to accommodate wood casing picture framing around the opening. This is usually done with the 1” profiles because the 1-1/8”overhang will accommodate most trim/casing up to 5/8” thick without hanging past the profile of the sill; depending on the profile. Tab cut-outs are done in the field by the installer.


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