Siltech® Solid Surface Acrylic Windowsills & Products


Congratulations! You are fortunate to have selected a Siltech®  Innovative Windowsill Product, made of 100% Acrylic Solid
Surface. Designer friendly, non-porous and stain resistant, Siltech®  Innovative Windowsill Products are far more superior
to other materials. Our windowsill products are ideal for areas subject to the hazards of moisture and heavy wear. No special cleaning goods are needed to keep Siltech®  products looking beautiful day in and day out.


While Siltech® Innovative Windowsill Products are extremely tough and durable, like any other fine material they can be damaged if abused or mistreated. Reviewing these Care and Cleaning instructions will assist you in understanding how easy it is to care for your new Siltech® Acrylic Solid Surface Product and how you can prevent more severe damage that may require special repairs. With a little knowledge, you can enjoy the elegance and beauty of Siltech® Innovative Windowsill Products for years to come.


Normal Cleaning – Siltech® products are non-porous, so they can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or sponge and mild detergents or general purpose cleaners such as Mr. Clean®. Siltech® products come in a matte finish. Abrasive cleaners like Ajax® or Comet® may also be used. Periodically it may also be helpful to go over the entire surface in a circular motion with an abrasive cleaner or wet Scotch Brite pad to maintain a uniform appearance..

Simple Precautions

Do not place anything hot on a Siltech® product surface. Even though our Siltech® products can withstand sustained temperatures up to 225 º F, prolonged or extreme heat could cause yellowing.


Although minor cuts and scratches on a Siltech® solid surface product can be repaired, deep cuts will require the services of a certified professional.


Strong acids such as those found in drain, toilet bowl, and oven cleaners should be used cautiously around Siltech® products. If these items are accidentally spilled, wipe them up at once. Some of these items, when left on the surface, may cause whitening, which can be difficult to remove.



Spills and Stains

While most everyday spills can be removed with the cleaning techniques listed, some troublesome spills and stains such as food dye, tea and fruit drinks may require more aggressive cleaning. These items can be removed with full strength bleach followed by a general cleanser. Note: Bleach should only come in contact with the surface for two to five minutes. Matte finish can be scrubbed with an abrasive cleaner. Even nail polish can be removed with nail polish remover or an abrasive cleaner.




While Siltech® products won’t burn, should a lit cigarette accidentally come in contact with the surface, it could leave a nicotine stain or scorch mark. Either of these can be removed by cleaning with an abrasive cleanser or buffing in a circular motion with a Scotch Brite® pad.


Repairing Scratches

For removing superficial scratches, rub in a circular motion with a wet #7448 Scotch Brite ® pad until the scratches are removed. Clean thoroughly with soap and water and let dry. Note: Deep scratches can be removed by carefully sanding lightly with 120 grit sandpaper followed by 220 and 320 grit sandpaper. Then rub the surface with a wet #7448 Scotch Brite ® pad in a circular motion to restore the finish.