Stanchion Mounting Instructions


  1. Position stanchion base plate approximately 2” to 3” parallel from edge of dock or at desired location.
  2. While holding the bracket base plate in place, make a mark onto the deck through pre-drilled base mounting hole in preparation for drilling a pilot hole.
  3. Remove bracket. Using a 3/8” wood bit, drill a 4” deep hole on the mark made for the pilot hole.
  4. Reposition bracket over pre-drilled pilot hole.
  5. Using a ¾” ratchet, insert ½” x 4” wood lag into pre-drilled pilot hole and tighten.
  6. Using a 3/8” wood bit, drill a 4” deep pilot hole through the remaining pre-drilled bracket holes.
  7. Install and tighten remaining lag bolts.
  8. Using a 2 foot level- check top support bracket for level side to side; slide gusset foot up or down against side bracket leg to level top support. Once level, mark position of top edge of gusset foot against side bracket. Holding gusset foot on mark, install #12 hex head self drilling screws w/neoprene washers through pre-drilled holes on gusset foot into bracket leg.
  9. Position the Fillet-A-Way™ table over top support bracket aligning top bracket support pre-drilled screw holes with pre-drilled pilot holes on the underside of the table deck 4” bracket support. Secure table to top bracket support using #8 hex head screws w/neoprene washers; leaving front edge screws slightly loose to allow for shimming for table pitch.
  10. Using a (2) foot level – Check table for pitch front to back. Along the front edge, insert plastic shims between bottom of table bracket support and top bracket support and adjust for pitch. (Table deck should be pitched slightly to the back approximately 1/8” to 1/4” to allow for water run-off.) Tighten screws once desired pitch is obtained.