Fillet-A-Way™ Company

Fish Cleaning Tables –  100% Acrylic Solid Surface


Fillet-A-Way™ is designed to meet the needs of both the serious and the casual sportsman.


Fillet-A-Way™ Fish Cleaning Table


For over a decade, Siltech® Manufacturing, Inc. has been fabricating 100% Acrylic Solid Surface materials.
In this time we have been Changing the Industry Standard™ for residential and commercial windowsills, wall caps, curb caps and transition thresholds.


Recently we decided to improve what is generally thought to be the standard surface materials (wood or a marine-grade polymer) for fish cleaning tables.


Made of 100% Acrylic Solid Surface materials our Fillet-A-Way™ fish cleaning tables offer the following benefits:


Value – Because of its affordability, Fillet-A-Way™ fish cleaning tables are a significant upgrade in both quality and appearance and are synonymous with durability and resilience.


Non Porous/Easy to Clean – The non-porous surface will not promote the growth of mold, mildew or bacteria, making the Fillet-A-Way™ fish cleaning table easy to clean.


Renewable – No matter what the scratch, nick or stain Fillet-A-Way™ fish cleaning tables can be restored to their original state.


Versatility – Using our unique copyrighted piling brackets, Fillet-A-Way™ fish cleaning tables can be easily mounted to any dock piling, dock or seawall eliminating the need for obtrusive legs.


These benefits combined with our unique piling brackets make our Fillet-A-Way™ fish cleaning tables a great investment for marinas, dock builders and anyone who owns a dock.

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